1. Introduction
Prime Concierge Sagl (hereinafter “Prime”) considers the protection of the personal data of Clients and membership card holders (hereinafter “the Client/s)”) to be of primary importance. Any personal data disclosed to Prime will therefore be processed in accordance with Swiss and European data protection regulations. This document is intended as an authorization to collect, process and retain the personal data provided by the Client.

2. Data collection method
Prime places primary importance on the personal relationship Clients (hereinafter "the Parties"), and therefore shall only collect the personal data being provided by the Client. Such information may for example consist in data provided through application forms, the authorization to search for a product or supply a service, personal interaction or any contact on our digital platforms (e.g. the use of cookies, third party services).

3. Type of data
In order to satisfy the Client’s needs, Prime may process the Client's personal data, intended as any information that makes such Client identifiable, above all data relating to the Client's identity (such as name, address, nationality, marital status, profession, identity documents), its details (such as address, telephone numbers, e-mail address), data regarding family and personal relations (e.g. family members, data about children, acquaintances), information about relations between the parties (for example the membership card number, preferences or interests, information on the use of digital platforms, feedback), data on contractual relations between the Parties (such as mandates received, products and services the Client searches), information about digital platforms (such as IP addresses, the pages viewed, information provided by third-party services), financial and property information (e.g. bank account, payment card and insurance details, creditworthiness information, vehicles owned). In addition to the above data, Prime may process the Client’s sensitive personal data (e.g. health information, religious beliefs, ethnic group, sexual orientation, political opinions). This document is also intended as an authorisation to process the Client's sensitive personal data.

4. Purposes
Prime shall process the Client's personal data for the following purposes: to satisfy the Client’s requests, submit offers or manage the related activities. The Client's personal data will be processed only if strictly necessary and mainly in a computerised format. Such processing will take into account the Client’s interests. If, at a later stage, the Client wishes to revoke its consent to the processing of personal data, any breach will not be attributable to Prime. In this case, Prime reserves the right to protect its interests.

5. Method of access, transmission and retention of data
Pursuant to the consent provided by the Client, Prime, its employees and consultants, will have access to the Client's personal data. Such data will be processed in order to satisfy the Client's requests. Moreover, in executing the contract, data may be transmitted to third parties (e.g. contract partners, intermediaries, notaries). In particular, should this be necessary for the specific products or services, this document is also intended as authorization to transmit the Client's data abroad. Finally, in order to satisfy the requirements of Prime, the Client’s data will be retained in order to correctly execute the contract terms and for the purpose of proposing the best offers to the Client. Notwithstanding the above, access to, transmission and retention of data will be permitted if Prime is required to do so by law, for accounting purposes or should this be necessary in the context of litigation proceedings.

6. The Client’s rights and withdrawal of consent
The Client has the following rights with respect to the processing of its personal data. In particular, as provided by law, the Client has the right to object to the processing of its personal data, restrict processing or obtain the erasure of its personal data. Substantially, the Client has the right to request access to, rectification of its personal data or object to the processing thereof. Finally, the Client shall have the right to object at any time to the processing of its personal data for marketing purposes.
The Client may withdraw its consent to the processing of data at any time, as described below.
The Client’s rights, as specified in this article, may be exercised without prejudice to the cases where Prime is unable to satisfy the Client's requests mentioned above, due to legal obligations, for accounting purposes or if this becomes necessary in the context of litigation proceedings.

7. Data Controller and Data Processor and method of disclosure
Prime is the data controller and data processor. To exercise the above rights or request further information, the Client may contact Prime at the following email address:

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